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Acopia Harvest International (AHI), is comprised of a team of scientists, developers and entrepreneurs dedicated to the advancement of Earth-friendly and  sustainable  technologies relating to water, food, and energy. AHI has pioneered various initiatives designed to engage users of all ages by using hydroponic systems in homes, grade schools, universities, community centers, and senior homes. These systems use hydroponic technology to make growing healthy produce manageable, affordable, and sustainable, every day of the year.


The art and science of growing plants in nutrient infused water. Hydroponic systems use lights to mimic the sun and net pods to provide support to the plant as it grows, using its roots to gather nutrients from water in a reservoir. Plants grow faster in our hydroponic systems than in soil because they are given the exact food, lighting, and environment needed for  optimal growth without all of the contaminants used in traditional farming.

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