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Hydroponics Certification

Students and applicants may now earn an official certification in the burgeoning field of hydroponics through our partners at Roger Williams University. Students may take courses in an in-person lab format or online and receive their certificate after completion of the 6-week course. Students will learn the basics of plant biology, the many benefits of hydroponic farming and its advantages over traditional farming as well as other forms of alternate farming. As international demand of hydroponics increases, students who complete the course may pursue a fulfilling career in hydroponic farming anywhere in the world. For more information, please visit

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A one one level Green Machine can grow 32 plants in a 2sq. ft. area. We recommend this as entry level learning tool. Advanced practitioners can scale up to multilevel or commercial equipment.

Note: We recommend renting or purchasing a one level unassembled system as part of a personalized learning approach

•Can be purchased for $889.00 assembled with supplies and seeds for one (12) week course.

•Can be purchased unassembled for $789.00 with supplies and seed for one (12) week course

•Can be rented for $489.00 assembled with supplies and seeds for one (6) week course.

•Can be rented for $389.00 unassembled with supplies and seeds for one (6) week course.

Project Sprout

Grade-school students may now learn and interact with hydroponic technology as a part of our educational initiative, Project Sprout. This allows students as young as 5-years-old to witness the plant growth first-hand with adult supervision. Our goal with Project Sprout is to educate the next generation to the possibilities of sustainable technology and the benefits of sustainable living in a fun and educational manner. Students will learn about plant growth, nutritional value of the plants and all the fun things one may grow with hydroponics.

Diaspora Yeshiva Program

Discover our Hydroponic Program next to King David's Tomb in Jerusalem administered by the Diaspora Yeshiva, a Jewish seminary group

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